Breast Implant stops Bullet
(Photo by SAGE Journals)

Once a bullet leaves the muzzle, it eventually becomes remarkably unpredictable once it strikes an object. Factors such as material, density, and angle inflict a myriad of tiny, unseen potential outcomes. While bullet makers program bullets to expand and penetrate at extremely predictable rates and distances, planned physics often only go so far. Such was the was the case for a woman who’s alive today because her breast implant deflected a bullet.

Breast Implant Stops Bullet

A new study from SAGE Journals (WARNING: Graphic content and nudity on that link) highlighted a curious case, where a silicone breast implant deflected a bullet from ripping into vital organs. The 30-year-old woman, shot in in Toronto in 2018, survived the incident.

“The implant caused the change in the trajectory of the bullet,” surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue told “… The bullet wound entry was on the left breast, but the rib fracture was on the right side. The bullet entered the skin on the left side first, and then ricocheted across her sternum into the right breast and broke her rib on the right side.”

According to the study, the case represents the first known instance of a breast implant deflecting a bullet and saving a life. Details around the shooting remain unclear. The woman reportedly felt “heat and pain” in her chest while walking down the street. She walked to a local hospital, to the disbelief of hospital staff.

“She was talking – the trauma team was in disbelief at how well she was,” McEvenue told “On the left-hand side is the heart and lungs – if the bullet would have gone into the chest, she would have had a much more serious, possibly life-threatening injury.”

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