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The mass shooting that took place in Nova Scotia, Canada earlier this week was the worst in the country’s history. In total, 20-plus innocent Canadian citizens lost their lives to a deranged killer. It proves, once again, that gun control doesn’t work. It also proves that failed gun-control laws always lead to calls for even more gun control.

Canada Shooting Product of Failed Gun Control Measures

In fact, the latest reports out of Canada indicate that the shooter, whom we won’t name here as a matter of courtesy to the victims, was prohibited from owning a gun; that was a result of an earlier assault conviction nearly two decades ago. That’s strike one for the gun-control law already in place.

According to reports, the shooter went on a 12-hour killing spree. He started by killing two victims in an alleged domestic shooting. After that, he drove a car that looked like a police vehicle and wore a replica police uniform. Then he allegedly pulled victims over while they were driving. He approached their vehicles and shot them through the window.

Canada maintains stiff regulations on handguns, so the victims likely had no means to protect themselves inside their vehicles. But it’s hard to imagine such a lengthy assault occurring in America; at least in any state that recognizes the rights of citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-defense. In most states, a perpetrator likely faces some kind of armed response. Motorists aware of the threat likely respond.

For his part, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems set on more gun control. It puts him on a long line of politicians who think failed gun-control laws are fixable with more such laws. As CNN reported on Tuesday, “Trudeau said while campaigning last year that he wanted to ban assault-style weapons across Canada and set up a buyback program for all military-grade weapons that had been legally purchased. Legislation was about to be introduced when Parliament was suspended over the coronavirus pandemic, Trudeau said.”

Assault Weapons in Canada

Interestingly, as some clamor to push a further “assault weapon” ban in Canada, a report from the National Post is quite telling. Police have not even released the types of firearms used in the Canada shooting.

“The RCMP declined to say whether the guns were classified as prohibited, restricted or non-restricted and whether the shooter had a firearms possession license,” the Post reported.

In response to when the Canadian Parliament might consider further gun control, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair indicated he’d push additional measures forward as soon as possible.

“The actual schedule on bringing forward that legislation, that is still to be determined because we are in somewhat uncertain times in Parliament, but it does not in any way imply we are any less committed to taking the steps that are necessary to keep Canadians safe and strengthen our gun laws,” he told The Chronicle/Herald.

The response by Canadian politicians, attempting to ban certain firearms before the facts come to light, doesn’t break new ground, of course. It’s no different in the U.S. American anti-gun groups and gun-ban politicians are quick to do the same thing any time a mass shooting occurs, despite the fact that such measures have never proven effective.

News reports continue to focus on the shooter and more restrictive gun-control laws. However, they should focus more on the families who lost their loved ones in this already trying time.

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