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USA Today reported that gun sales have increased, while crime has shrunk, during the COVID-19 outbreak. The report, published April 20, takes data from firearms industry companies, including But while the news outlet acknowledges crime is down during the coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t give credit to an increased armed society.

Gun Sales Up, Crime Down From Coronavirus

Of course, the news doesn’t come as a shock to most gun owners. Once the run on goods and services began in March, gun and ammo sales exploded across the country. Then the FBI reported 2.7 NICS checks in March, the second highest month ever on record. Meanwhile, ammo sales jumped nearly 800-percent on

Even non-industry sources pointed to the obvious. A Newsy/Ipsos survey showed 1:20 houses purchased a gun in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Another one in 10 considered making a purchase to ensure their security. USA Today goes on to recognize the Trump administration declaring the gun industry as critical infrastructure. It even mentions the ATF enabling gun stores to better social distance while selling guns.

But it still fails to completely connect the dots. Instead, it connects the falling crime rates to police arresting less criminals, a product of changing policies in a changed time. It champions stay-at-home orders getting criminals off the street. And its true that more crime has moved home, with an increase in domestic abuse in many urban areas.

But in reality, many policies only made us more unsafe. Across the country, police face tremendous challenges, including the early release of prisoners due to pandemic concerns. Ultimately, USA Today can’t hide from one inescapable fact: Crime is down.

“Crime has significantly declined while the sale of firearms has risen over the past month in the United States,” the article admits. “Both tends appear to result from the coronavirus pandemic, which has simultaneously raised the nation’s anxiety while emptying its streets.”

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