Three armed robbers forced their way inside a home in Florida on Tuesday. But they clearly picked the wrong house, evidenced by home security footage. A Florida homeowner in Neptune Beach produced a gun of his own, firing at the three intruders, hitting at least one.

Florida Homeowner Shoots Home Intruders

Ring camera footage shows much of the April 14 incident. Footage shows three men scale the steps to a second floor doorway. One man violently forces his way through the door, as the other men rush in behind him. With the men inside, video captures what sounds like five different gunshots. Ultimately, the homeowner engaged the suspects with his own firearm.

Then suddenly the suspects reappear. One man leaps over the railing as he flees. The other two suspects careen down the steps, visibly running from the scene. Police said a lone adult male inside grabbed a gun and fired, according to

“No matter who you are, this is a very scary situation,” said Ken Jefferson, a former Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective, to

“This homeowner realizes he has the right to protect himself, and he pulls out his gun and he begins to fire,” Jefferson said. “He’s well within justification to do that.”

One suspect ended up in a local emergency room later, reported He suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. The other two suspects remain at large.

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