Hogue releases its rubber grip for the Kimber K6s revolver.

The Kimber K6s revolver has quickly earned praise as an formidable choice for concealed carry. Now the K6s gets a little better with the release of Hogue Monogrips for the DASA and DAO variants.

Hogue Monogrip Kimber K6s

“Kimber’s K6s offers a fine option for snub revolver fans – a perfect choice for concealed carry,” said grip designer Pat Hogue. “Hogue is pleased to have created classic Hogue rubber Monogrips to offer shooters an ergonomic upgrade to the factory grips.”

Hogue rubber grips deliver durability and comfort, according to Hogue. The finger grooves lead into a gentle palm swell, designed for a natural fit and instinctive handling. The grip feature Hogue’s Cobblestone texture. It provides an efficient non-slip, non-irritating grip on the rubber, according to Hogue. The three finger grooves extend the grip surface further down the revolver. The extension provides greater hand surface area. Finally, the grip accommodates speed loader use.

The Hogue Monogrip provides better comfort and control when firing, which equates to better, safer shooting. Adding it to a popular platform, it creates a solid upgrade for the Kimber K6s.

Hogue’s rubber K6s grips join its G10 offerings. The grips come in black, aqua, purple and pink; grips retail at $29.95. For more information, visit hogueinc.com.

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