Arguably the most popular trend in pistols and concealed carry today is carry optics. Once the realm ruled solely by iron sights, more defensive carriers are switching to optics than ever before. So we found this great tutorial from the Miculeks, Jerry and Lena, breaking down what you need to know when switching from irons sights to optics.

Miculeks on Switching Irons to Optics

Certainly, small, reflex optics have gained popularity of late, and with good reason. Today’s optics prove more reliable and durable than ever. With many versions built to true Mil-Spec standards, choices abound in the optics market. And now most every major pistol manufacturer offers an optics ready variant of both full- and compact-size pistols.

And while optics add tremendous utility, they do add concerns as well. Battery power, sight-in and increased bulk all must be considered when adding an optic to a carry gun.

“If you’re gonna choose to mount a red dot to your carry gun, yes it does allow you to find it really quickly, and to shoot really well, but realize you’ve got to make sure it’s up and running, make sure that battery is charged, make sure it’s sighted in,” Lena explained. “And also like on this compact here, it adds a lot of size, so for me, if I’m going to carry and add a dot, this is going to make it even harder for me to conceal.”

But the added benefits might just make the change worth it. After all, the greatest shooter of all-time, Jerry Miculek himself, uses optics on all his guns in competition, whenever division rules will allow.

“I love these,” Jerry said. “I shoot them in competition in the Open division. I have electronic sights on everything. I can shoot my regular prescription glasses and get away with it.”

If you decide to make the switch, you’re looking at some re-training to be sure. But according to the Miculeks, it’s not as daunting as some might think.

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