The Butler Creek Featherlight sling uses close cell foam technology to lighten the load.

Butler Creek just released its newest sling, dubbed the Featherlight. The new Featherlight sling uses close cell foam and comes in 45-percent lighter than any other in its stable. The result is a durable, lightweight accessory to carry your long gun.

Butler Creek Featherlight

Whether used on bolt-action, shotgun or modern sporting rifle, the Featherlight helps make transport a breeze. Optional swivels or a conventional strap enable any firearm use.

The Featherlight’s breathable construction help keep shooters cool. The cut out slots, evenly spaced, reduces trapped heat more than other Butler Creek models. The Featherlight’s close cell foam also provides superior gripping ability, allowing it to easily adhere to synthetic clothing.

For added security when navigating rough terrain, the Featherlight sling features a large thumb loop attached to the bottom of the sling. Additional features include two built-in cartridge holders giving shooters immediate access to extra ammo should the need arise. Adjustable from 22 to 36-inches, the Featherlight sling can be easily tailored to meet the required length of any user.

The new Featherlight slings are available in two color options and carry an MSRP of $34.95.

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