Offering fits for the Glock 19, SIG 365, S&W M&P9 Shield and more, the CrossBreed LDS 2.0 handles several top weapon-mounted lights for concealed carry.

The CrossBreed Light Defender Series (LDS) Holster now comes in a 2.0 version. The new CrossBreed LDS 2.0 provides a concealed carry option offering adjustable retention for pistol equipped with lighting devices.

CrossBreed LDS 2.0

The CrossBreed LDS 2.0 fits a wide range of popular pistols. Fits include Glock 19, SIG P365 and Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield. For these common carry pistols, the holster also accommodates several weapon-mounted lights.

Light Options

  • SureFire Xc1
  • Inforce APLc
  • Valkyrie PL-2
  • Streamlight TLR-1, 6, and 7
  • Olight PL-Pro, PL-2

The LDS 2.0 combines the adjustable retention pocket featured on the company’s popular Reckoning Holster. It includes a leather comfort backer. The holsters also comes as a “Straight Drop,” or a zero forward, or reverse cant. It adjusts by simply offsetting the front and rear clips, according to CrossBreed.

The LDS also gives carriers the ability to switch from IWB to OWB, by simply replacing the clips. The flexibility means the LDS 2.0 works for nearly any situation.

The pockets on the new LDS offer multiple points of adjustment. The system allows customers to customize their holster’s retention. Simply tighten or loosen the mounting screws to custom-tailor the holster’s retention to body type and personal preference, according to CrossBreed.

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