The Galco Scout 3.0 features an ambi design and two different belt clips.

Galco Gunleather recently announced the release of its newest holster fit for the SIG Sauer P365. Now the Scout 3.0 tuckable IWB holster fits one SIG’s most popular carry guns.

Galco Scout 3.0 for SIG Sauer P365

The Scout 3.0 features an open top and full firing grip for a fast draw. The reinforced holster mouth provides a safe, simple return to holster, according to Galco.

The Scout utilizes a rough side, leather out construction. The method provides additional stability in the waistband. Meanwhile, the smooth leather holster pocket helps provide a slicker feel on the draw, according to Galco.

The Scout 3.0’s versatility comes from its adjustability for cant and angle. The holster shifts to appendix carry, vertical, strong-side or cross-draw. One simply adjusts the belt clip to fit their carry needs.

The ambidextrous Scout 3.0 comes with two types of interchangeable tuckable clips. The UniClip goes over the belt, but can also work without a belt. The Ultimate Sheath utilizes a hook. It fits on the trouser waistband, under or behind a belt with just the clip showing, for greater concealment.

The Galco Scout 3.0 retails for $89. For more information, visit

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