Alexandria gun ban, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Pushes New Gun Control
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Virginia’s full-on assault against the Second Amendment continues. Only days ahead of the state’s firearm preemption statute taking effect, the city of Alexandria voted to ban guns and ammunition in multiple locales.

Alexandria Gun Ban in Virginia

Last week we reported on Gov. Ralph Northam’s signing of HB 421 and pending ripple effect in local gun laws. In it, Northam granted municipalities the right to prohibit “firearms, ammunition, or components or combination thereof.” We projected several left-leaning cities to likely push this new gun banning initiative. The first shoe dropped in Alexandria, effective July 1.

The Alexandria City Council passed legislation Saturday that “bans guns on city property and streets where special events are being held,” according to Where once law-abiding gun owners carried, now comes prohibition backed by a potential first-degree misdemeanor charge. Guilty parties face up to a year in jail and fines up to $2,500.

“The General Assembly was right to give local governments the authority to regulate how firearms are used on public property,” Mayor Just Wilson (D) told “Protecting public safety is a core responsibility of government. This ordinance is a statement of our community’s values.”

The move seems aimed at stopping 2A-themed public gatherings, such as protests on capitol steps or at city halls. In fact, just last weekend, around 200 armed advocates, organized by Virginia Citizens Defense League, showed up to demonstrate at City Hall. And of course, few will forget the massive display of support the 2A community raised when marching on Richmond.

Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip Van Cleave called the new law “clearly punitive,” according to Obviously, we’re in agreement. The Alexandria gun ban weakens the safety of everyone. Do better Virginia.

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