The new Hatsan Escort Versatile Tactical Shotgun line serves well for home defense.

Hatsan just announced the release of its newest shotgun line, the Escort Versatile Tactical Shotgun (VTS). The VTS line includes both conventional and bullpup configurations, employing controls and features found on modern sporting rifles.

Escort Versatile Tactical Shotgun Details

The VTS design enables users to easily switch back and forth between the AR-15. It chambers both 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells, providing tremendous versatility.

The Escort DF12 anchors the VTS line. It features aluminum upper and lower receivers, along with a vented handguard. All-black or FDE Certakote provides a durable finish.

The SDX comprises a hybrid aluminum/synthetic design. It comes in both 12 gauge and .410 bore. It features an advanced polymer lower receiver with alloy guides inside the mag well. A ThermoDefend forend protects the shooter’s hand from heat.

Finally, the BTS Bullpup comes in 12 gauge and .410 bore. It measures 9 inches shorter, enabling it to excel in tight spaces.

The gas operated semi-automatic platform features a new gas piston design. it floats around the barrel itself. The design improves efficiency and decreases the overall size and weight of the gun. The inline gas system also helps reduce muzzle rise, according to Hatsan.

The VTS series feature and upper and lower receivers similar to AR designs. They break down via two quick takedown pins. Picatinny rails adorn both the top of the receiver and on the handgaurd. Pistol grips, check rests and interchangeable choke tubes round out this versatile designed line of shotguns.

Retail prices start at $589.99. For more information, visit

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