We have a new favorite politician it seems. By way of Georgia, enter Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene. The Republican running in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District just issued a warning for any ANTIFA terrorists out there with her firearm in hand.

Marjorie Greene Warns ANTIFA

“President Trump declared ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization. I have a message for ANTIFA terrorists: ‘stay the hell out of Northwest Georgia.’ You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses or destroy our homes.”

And she’s coming correct with the firepower as well. Green shouldered and ran the bolt on what appears to be an AR pistol of some type, topped with an Aimpoint and sporting an SB Tactical SBM4 brace.

Of course, Facebook promptly removed the video for violating its policy on “weapons, ammunition and explosives,” reported Well, not here sports fans, as we present Green in full 2A-loving, Patriotic glory. And when Facebook kicked her out, she had the courage to double down.

“Facebook lets ANTIFA organize terrorist attacks on America but pulls my post down,” Greene said in a statement. “America is a country of law and order – not anarchy. Telling ANTIFA thugs to stay out of Northwest Georgia is not a violation of Facebook. Northwest Georgia will not let ANTIFA burn our churches, loot our businesses and destroy our homes.”

Oh, and the people of Georgia also responded. In Tuesday’s election, she out-gained her nearest opponent by 23 points. So she looks like a strong bet to win in a coming run-off on Aug. 11.

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