The N8 Tactical Professional now fits the Springfield Hellcat and SIG Sauer P365.

N8 Tactical just announced the release of its newest holster fit. The company’s Professional Holster now fits the SIG Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat.

N8 Tactical Professional Fits

The Hellcat and the P365 remain two of the hottest micro-compact pistols on the market. In fact, we just put the two through a Micro Compact Shootout, comparing these popular pistols. Now the N8 Tactical Professional Model gives shooters another option for carry.

The Professional Holster derives from the N8 Tactical Original holster concept. It includes a rugged leather backer, delivering full coverage of the holstered firearm. The holster utilizes a moisture-proof neoprene core behind the leather. Meanwhile, a soft suede backing helps reduce friction.

The Professional features a firearm-specific polycarbonate pocket to optimize firearm stability. It provides one-hand holstering and a Secure Twist Release retention system. The system prevents the firearms from release without applying a slight twist prior to the draw. It adds an additional level of retention safety, according to N8 Tactical.

The Professional Holsters’ LockDown Clip allows shirts to be tucked for a cleaner appearance. It also allows for cant adjustment to suit carry preference. To adjust, simply unlock the clip, rotate to the desired position, and then lock it into place.

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