New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Gun Violence, NYC Shootings
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Shootings are on a meteoric rise of late in New York City. Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will put a stop to a rise in what he labels “gun violence.”

New York City Mayor de Blasio Blames Increase of Shootings on ‘Gun Violence’

According to a report from, shootings in New York City increased 342 percent last week. The number rose from 12 to 53. The number of people shot also jumped from 14 in 2019 to 74 so far in 2020.

The spike comes on a wave of 28 shootings over a 72-hour period in the city, reported In all, 38 victims got shot during that time.

“In the beginning of the year, we saw an uptick in crime and shootings,” de Blasio told “We saw some leveling off for a few months in the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Now, we’ve seen something very troubling in recent weeks.”

Police Can’t Protect You

It’s a phenomenon expected by some to take place across the country. Public outcry for police reform bring unintended consequences. In Atlanta, officers reportedly walked off the job following an officer’s arrest. In other locales, communities look to defund the police. Officers across the country feel the pressure.

“They’re all looking over their shoulders and in the back of their mind, whether consciously or subconsciously, they’re saying, ‘Why should we bother? We don’t get the support. Why should we bother?'” former NYPD Chief Joseph Esposito told

Meanwhile, de Blasio continues to spout tone deaf “gun violence” rhetoric, continuing the anti-gun narrative of the left.

“We are not going to allow gun violence to continue to grow in this city. We’re not going to go back to the days when there was so much violence pervading our communities.” The mayor continued, “We’re going to use new strategies and approaches in policing, new strategies and approaches at the community level. We’re going to do whatever it takes to fight back gun violence.”

That community effort should, of course, be allowing his constituents to defend themselves. Now continued protests, shrinking police presence and restrictive gun policies create a huge void for the average American. Who will protect me?

Of course, the answer remains the same. Only you can protect you. Only you can be your own first responder.

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