West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James signed a declaration banning guns for 72 hours.
(Photo by West Palm Beach City Facebook)

Riots and looting are taking place all across the country. Indeed, we entered a very difficult period following the tragic death of George Floyd. But West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James pulled by banning the sale of guns and ammo—a move not seen in even some of America’s biggest cities, with bigger clashes in the streets.

West Palm Beach Mayor Bans Guns

Instead, it proved to be West Palm Beach’s mayor that declared a 72-hour state of emergency. The declaration includes a ban on gun and ammunition sales throughout the city. Let that one sink in for just a moment. In a time when random violence spills indiscriminately in the streets, James decided you can’t buy a gun for protection.

The move comes after the city saw “an act of violence or a flagrant and substantial defiance of, or resistance to, a lawful exercise of public authority,” the declaration reads. It claims the city faces continued threats of violence and defiance of authority.

So the mayor banned “the sale of, or offer to sell, with or without consideration, any ammunition or gun or other firearm of any size of description.”

The declaration banning the sale of guns represents a perverse abuse of power. It represents an anti-gun politician take advantage of an already horrible situation. But the measure goes even a step further.

It also bans “intentional possession in a public place of a firearm by any person, except a duly authorized law enforcement official or person in military service acting in the official performance of her or his duty.”

Now only the cops can carry guns in public. That feels like it infringes on part of the problem that got us here in the first place. The declaration is set to expire at 9 p.m. tonight. Let’s hope no unarmed, innocent people suffer before it does.

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