The new Winchester Wildcat Super Speed is optimized for semi-auto rifles.

Winchester Ammunition recently released its newest ammo offering, Wildcat Super Speed in .22 LR. The load serves plinking, target shooting, varmint and small game hunting.

Winchester Super Speed Ammo

The new Winchester Wildcat Super Speed utilizes a versatile copper-plated Dynapoint hollow-point bullet. It delivers a higher velocity at 1,300 fps, providing more energy on target. Additionally, it consistently cycles semi-automatic platforms, including the Winchester Wildcat rifle.

Winchester claims it manufacturers the load to exceedingly high standards. It utilizes reliable priming and uniform powder charges and bullet dimensions. The load delivers consistent accuracy from one box to the next, according to Winchester Ammunition. Further, copper-plated bullets, clean-burning powder and priming contribute to maintaining clean firearm actions for reliable function.

With the 40-grain bullet reaching a muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps, the load comes optimized for semi-automatic rifles. The new Super Speed load stands as a versatile offering, capable of serving a full host of shooter needs.

With the proliferation of .22 semi-autos, shooters use platforms for multiple roles. Whether for hunting, competing, plinking or training, .22 LR rifles continue to earn time afield. And having a load formulated for the platform delivers advantages. The new Wildcat Super Speed should fuel those passions for shooters across the country.

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