A Black Lives Matter protester touched off a negligent discharge during a protest in Florissant, Mo., June 23. Near both Ferguson and St. Louis, several protesters marched and chanted near a police line. Then a shot rang out from an AR-style rifle.

Black Lives Matter Protester Shoots Himself in the Foot

“The protester was standing in front of a line of Florissant police officers when he discharged his long rifle, striking himself in the foot,” reported “The shot caused immediate panic and confusion that was quickly brought under control by the police.”

Police immediately took the protester into custody, where they gave him first aid, reported Officials then transported the injured man to a local hospital. Police said they expect the man to fully recover.

Ironically, the incident came at a gathering protesting police brutality in the area. Then a Black man touched off a shot with a rifle, right in the face of law enforcement officer. Yet footage shows the officers respond differently than the current national narrative implies.

Footage shows officers move in swiftly and professionally. In what could have turned into a worse situation, given all the people involved, officers instead took control effectively. They repeatedly order the man to put down the rifle, as they move in to apprehend the suspect.

The entire scene provides much for commentary. Conducted lawfully, protests are part of the American ideals of freedom. We can assemble, and we can speak. And seeing the Black community increasingly join the 2A ranks continues to be a positive.

But simply owning a rifle, or any gun for that matter, doesn’t make you proficient. So in these trying times, the only lesson we preach here is this: If you own a gun, get some training. Get skilled. Get confident. And be a good ambassador for the Second Amendment.

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