The Continuous Precision Big Dot Package brings standard red dots to Glock slides.

The popularity of carry optics continues to rise throughout the industry. Right on time, Continuous Precision just launched its newest pistol modification, the Big Dot Package. The CP Big Dot Package puts standard red dots on Glock 43, 43X and 48 pistols.

Continuous Precision Big Dot Package

The package consists of a special slide cut, one that doesn’t interfere with any of the internal components on the existing slide, according to Continuous Precision. The mounting plate fits specific to the red dot customers wish to run.

Next, the iron sight gets moved forward of the red dot for smaller slides. The package also includes slide refinishing. Meanwhile, CP anodizes the plate as well.

The Enhanced Big Dot Package adds the bonus of enhancing the front and rear factory serrations on the Glock 43X and 48 pistols. Deepening the serrations, taking them over the edges, provides enhanced grip, according to Continuous Precision. The treatment helps aid presschecks and other manual of arms operations.

The Big Dot Package retails for $215, while the Enhanced Big Dot Package runs $315. Customers can also add CP RDS lower 1/3 back-up sights for $25.

While recent trends have produced smaller and smaller optics, the ability to effectively use standard red dots on small pistol slides is welcomed. For anyone looking to expand into carry optics, the CP package deserves a look.

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