A video showcasing fireworks training, for defensive, is both crazy and very interesting.

We stumbled across some pretty wild looking training the other day. And we gotta say, it got our attention. The video, posted to an unknown YouTube account some five years ago, showcases utilizing fireworks in defensive training.

Fireworks Defensive Training

Full disclosure: We’re not recommending anyone do this at home. Posted on the “huntersandpatriots” page, the video shows fireworks providing an element seldom seemed in live-fire scenarios: “Incoming rounds.” Various types of fireworks shoot right back at the shooter. In fact, the very first one appears to whiz by the guy’s head. He dodges and goes on to draw his pistol, taking on steel targets.

Throughout the live-fire sequence, a barrage of fireworks continue to fire the guy’s way. At the draw, he begins firing. Arguably more importantly, the drill appears to make him retreat to cover. Once there, he continues to engage targets, utilizing cover. At then end of the video, the shooter even takes a knee behind cover to execute a magazine change.

At first glance, there’s a lot to love about this type of seemingly realistic training. There’s also a lot to caution against as well. Obviously, shooting fireworks back at someone’s face includes tremendous inherent danger. So you’re not likely going to see this in training classes anytime soon. Not to mention, our shooter has live rounds in the gun. It’s not hard to imagine a shooter getting hit by a firework and then sending a round in an unsafe direction.

Clearly, this drill presents dangers. So maybe don’t try this one at home. But it sure looked cool, we’ll admit.

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