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Khyle Durham (left) and Luis Casado (right) were shot and killed by the home owner.
(Photo by Pasco County Sheriff's Office)

A Florida man described as a “gun enthusiast” found himself in the fight for his life recently. In what appears to be a coordinated, targeted attack, three armed men broke into the home. A gunfight ensued, leaving two bad guys dead, with another headed to the hospital and, ultimately, jail.

Florida Gun Enthusiast Shoots Three Armed Intruders, Killing Two

The incident began when suspects broke into the home shortly after midnight July 10 in Wesley Chapel, Fla., the Associated Press reported. During the gunfight, the homeowner hit all three suspects. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco identified the dead men as Louis Casado and Khyle Durham, both 21. The third assailant, 19-year-old Jeremiah Tramel, received treatment at a hospital. Tramel now faces felony charges, as the other two suspects died during the commission of a felonious crime.

“These two individuals have very violent criminal histories, extremely violent,” Nocco said. “So this is not out of the norm of their activities to use violence.

The homeowner told deputies he was playing video games when the suspects entered his house, reported apnews.com. He then reportedly grabbed a 9mm and opened fire.

Sheriff Nocco described the scene as three suspects stacked up in the hallway. The homeowner shot all three in the hallway. When his weapon jammed, he went to retrieve another gun. But outside, his neighbor caught the fleeing third suspect and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

A self-described gun enthusiast, the victim told Sheriff Nocco he regularly posted pictures of guns and shooting on social media. The sheriff then said in a press conference its plausible those posts made him a target of this attempted armed home invasion. But in the end, the homeowner seemingly had the bad guys outgunned.

“This victim exercised their Second Amendment right,” Nocco said. “The Second Amendment allows you to protect yourself by carrying and bearing arms. In his home he protected himself. And that’s something our citizens in Pasco County will do. And I’ve seen it happen before in the past, and unfortunately, I think it may have to happen in our future.”

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