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Gun owners in Indiana received good news last week. Effective July 1, the state waived state and local fees for gun permits. The new Indiana gun permit law also provides legal protection for gun owners against civil suits.

Indiana Gun Permit Fee Waived

House Bill 1284 allows a fee waiver for a five-year “Qualified License” and “Unlimited License” Indiana gun permit. The Qualified License refers to hunting and shooting, reported wgntv.com. Meanwhile, the Unlimited License refers to concealed carry, and carries reciprocity with 32 other states.

“Removing financial barriers to someone being able to exercise their Second Amendment right is very important,” Republican state Rep. Ben Smaltz, a co-author of the bill, told wgntv.com “It came to light over several hearings and it was our goal to eliminate those barriers for cost

“The overarching goal of all of this is to put the ability in the hands of the person defending themselves,” Smaltz added.

The bill also provides protection against civil suits after using a firearm in a justified defensive scenario. It further enables responsible citizens more avenues to carry in public spaces.

“Two pieces of the same law, but went into effect last July, [are] civil immunity in certain instances with justifiable use of force [and] giving all houses of worship the ability to decide their policy on their parishioners exercising their Second Amendment right while attending worship at their facility,” explained Smaltz.

“I do hope earnestly that everyone who is eligible for a free five-year permit acquires one,” Smaltz added.

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