NFAC stands for “Not F*cking Around Coalition”; it’s an all-Black armed militia. But when it comes to not “f*cking around,” apparently that doesn’t apply to their level of gun safety. NFAC suffered a badly timed negligent discharge to start the weekend’s protest, leaving three members injured in Kentucky.

NFAC Negligent Discharge Injures Three in Louisville

It all began around 1 p.m. Saturday in Louisville’s Baxter Square Park, where the group initially assembled to march. Footage shows the crowd suddenly react, pushing away from what ended up being a negligent discharge. Three individuals suffered injury, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. First responders transported all three individuals to a local hospital. They received treatment there for non-life threatening injuries.

After the gunshot, however, the march resumed, with around 300 NFAC members marching, heavily armed. Most all carried a semi-auto rifle or shotgun, all dressed head to toe in black. Meanwhile, around 50 “III Percenter” militia members assembled as well, standing in stark contrast to the NFAC group.

The NFAC members marched to bring justice for Breonna Taylor. Louisville Police shot and killed the 26-year-old ER technician while conducting a no-knock warrant in March. Police fired more than 20 shots in what turned out to be the wrong residence. Since then, tensions continue to escalate in Louisville, as the police department fired only one officer to date.

Justice for Breonna

“We understand the desire for truth & ask that to be the focus of demonstrations, not violence,” Tweeted Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Saturday. “We continue to work diligently in pursuit of the truth by conducting an independent investigation into the death of Ms. Taylor.”

Regular Black Lives Matter protests have taken place frequently in Louisville since March, with renewed vigor following the death of George Floyd. And BLM protestors were present in Louisville again Saturday, even as the group distances itself from NFAC and its armed approach.

“For the most part, we’ve seen peaceful protest,” Louisville Police deputy chief Lavita Chavous told the Louisville Courier Journal. But she lamented “those hiding behind the right to peacefully assemble and using it as a platform to tear up and destroy our city.

“I’m asking people to respect the legal process, and the time that it takes, to choose peace and not violence to continue to exercise your rights to protest, but do it lawfully,” Chavous said.

The Atlanta-based NFAC came to national attention recently when a reported 1,000 member marched on Stone Mountain in Georgia. The group protested the existence of Stone Mountain’s sculpture, the largest Confederate memorial in the country.

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