pregnant woman shoots intruder, oklahoma city

A headline of “Pregnant Woman Shoots Intruder” should warrant celebration, but it’s also a reminder of the dangers for women out there. A longstanding mantra within the 2A community claims “gun rights are women’s rights.” And with good reason. Criminals often target those they consider easy prey. Owing a gun becomes a great equalizer for many, sometimes especially women. Such was the case recently, after reports a pregnant woman shot an intruder recently in Oklahoma.

Pregnant Woman Shoots Intruder

It began with what police called a potential burglary attempt in Oklahoma City. In the morning hours of July 3, a man allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home, reported But the woman inside produced a gun, shooting the suspect in the shoulder.

Police said the suspect ultimately wrestled the gun away from the woman. However, the damage must have been enough, as he then fled the residence, reported Police found the suspect sitting on the corner near the home. Officers took him into custody and transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

The pregnant woman also went to the hospital for treatment. According to, the suspect kneed her in the stomach during the struggle. No details were available concerning the welfare of the unborn child.

Obviously, this situation could still turn out pretty bad. But had the woman not been armed, chances are it would have been much worse. Having a gun and being bold enough to use it gave her a fighting chance.

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