SIG Sauer needs no introduction at this point. The manufacturer is a powerhouse, producing an endless array of firearms, accessories, optics, and ammo for civilian, military, and law enforcement alike. Meanwhile, ZEV Technologies originally made waves with its Glock mods. Then, in 2019, ZEV released its first complete pistol: The OZ9. ZEV followed that up with the OZ9 Compact. Shooting a ZEV handgun is truly a different experience. So when SIG and ZEV partner for a pistol, it should have everyone excited; and that’s what we have with the all-new ZEV Z320 pistol.

The SIG P320 is one of the most popular handguns on the planet, so it comes as no surprise that this is where ZEV did its work. For starters, ZEV took on the P320 XCompact and P320 XCarry. You can now call them the Z320 XCompact and the Z320 XCarry. ZEV sent our contributor Sean Utley Z320 XCarry for the first evaluation. Watch the entire review in the video above.

“This is what happens when you have two great gun manufacturers get together and they say, ‘Let’s create something badass,’ And they do it,” Utley said. “They leave their egos out of it and they just make something sick for the end user. … I didn’t know a 320 could look this good.”

ZEV Z320 Octane Pistol Details

So what does a ZEV-upgraded P320 look like? Firstly, both models feature a new Z320 Octane slide in Titanium Gray. The slide features an RMR optic cut. In the video above, Utley tests the Z320 XCarry model with a Trijicon RMR attached. There’s also a ZEV RMR Cover Plate.

Next for both models is a Z320 PRO Barrel in Black DLC. It makes a noticeable difference. Other features include a ZEV Fiber Optic Combat Sight Set, a SIG P320 Grip with ZEV Diamond Pattern Laser Stipple, and a SIG P320 X Series Flat Face Trigger. The Z320 XCarry comes with two 17-round SIG P320 mags, while the Z320 XCompact comes with two 15-round SIG P320 mags

As far as size goes, the pistols are pretty much identical to the originals SIGs. Overall length is 7.4 inches on the XCarry and 7.0 inches on the XCompact. The only difference on both is weight. The SIG P320 XCarry weighs 26.5 ounces, but the new ZEV Z320 XCarry shaves a few ounces, coming in at 22.3 ounces. Meanwhile, the Z320 XCompact brings the overall original weight of 25.3 ounces down to 21 ounces. That’s pretty nice.

Lastly is the question on everyone’s mind: What’s the price? Well, both the ZEV Z320 XCompact and Z320 XCompact have an MSRP of $1,299. This is a top-notch partnership with an incredible final product. On top of that, shooters can also upgrade their P320s on their own, as ZEV is releasing the PRO Barrel ($199), Combat Sights ($99), and the optics-ready Octane slide ($420) as standalone products. For more information, please visit

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