Built from carbon fiber and aluminum, the TruGlo Tac-Pod Carbon Pro Bipod delivers versatility.

For many, the semi-auto rifle, specifically the AR-15, remains the ultimate choice for protection. The modular design provides an infinite selection of worthwhile accessory choices. Therein, of course, lies one of the platform’s inherent problems. We often hang so much gear on there, the rifle gets too heavy. The new TruGlo Tac-Pod Carbon Pro Bipod might just provide a remedy.

TruGlo Tac-Pod Carbon Pro Bipod

Speaking purely to functionality, the Carbon Pro Bipod looks legit. It comes compact, with adjustable folding legs. Those adjustments enable shooters to utilize the bipod from bench down to prone.

Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Tac-Pod Carbon Pro offers strength yet stays lightweight. The system mounts to Picatinny-style rails. The rotating design delivers easy shooting angle adjustment without repositioning the legs, according to TruGlo. The bipod comes with padded rubberized feet for grip. A pivoting base helps shooters level out on uneven surfaces.

The Tac-Pod Carbon Pro pans, tilts and rolls for various shooting positions. Meanwhile, the bipod locks into place when needed as well. Push-button leg locks provide deployment on adjustable legs. The legs adjust independently as well.

The system comes in two models: short (6-9 inches) and long (9-13 inches).

TruGlo TAC-POD Carbon Pro Bipods Specs

  • Mounts to Picatinny rail
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction
  • Lightweight and compact with quick deployment
  • Great for bench or prone shooting
  • Padded rubberized feet
  • Pivoting base for precision leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Durable construction for the harshest environments
  • MSRP: $82.99 (TG8903S, 6-9 in.); $94.99 (TG8902L, 9-13 in.)

For more information, visit truglo.com.

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