Able to fit multiple pistols and accommodate popular red dot optics, the new ArachniGRIP R.D.O.S Slide Spider adds better grip to carry optics users.

Carry optics continues to remain a growing trend in the concealed carry market. To support that growing demand, ArachniGRIP just released its latest accessory, dubbed the R.D.O.S. Slide Spider. The R.D.O.S. Slide Spider works specifically on pistols with mounted optic systems.

ArachniGRIP R.D.O.S. Slide Spider

The R.D.O.S., short for Red Dot Optic System, works with or without an optic system attached. A three-piece design, the new R.D.O.S adds gripping material to the slide. With gripping on both side, the third piece attaches to the removable mounting plate.

“We have been seeing a lot of requests for grips to fit handguns with optic systems,” said Robert Biedenbach, ArachniGRIP. “We have responded to our customers’ requests by creating the RDOS grip.”

The R.D.O.S. grips retail for $19.95. The company features variants to fit most modern semi-automatic pistols. The gripping surfaces also accommodate most red dot optics commonly used on pistol slides.

The Slide Spider, in all its forms, provides an interesting solution to a common problem. Whether on the range or in a match, for duty or defense, sweat or inclement weather happens. Any accessory, especially an affordable one, that helps mitigate these challenges deserves a look.

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