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Ah, the beautiful city of Chicago. Currently, violence is running rampant, stores are being looted, and neighborhoods have become war zones. The best solution to address these and other critical problems is good city leadership. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, however, thinks the answer to fixing the city’s problems is to have Joe Biden elected president.

Lori Lightfoot Supports Biden

Equally ironic is one of Lightfoot’s reason for supporting Biden. In a city with incredibly restrictive gun laws in a state with even more restrictions, Lightfoot seems to think that Biden’s support of federal gun legislation will somehow lead to a safer Chicago; all that despite the current situation proving otherwise.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday, Lightfoot threw her support behind Biden. She touted his longtime support of restrictive gun control laws as one reason.

“I need a leader in Washington, D.C., who is willing to take on the gun lobby and do what’s right for our children and our cities,” she said. “That is not President Trump, we need Joe Biden.”

More Gun Control

Of course, if Lightfoot wants more gun control, ensuring a Biden election win is certainly one way to get it; that goes double when you consider Biden’s new anti-gun running mate, Kamala Harris. Both favor so-called “assault weapons” bans, magazine restrictions, and “universal” background checks. They also support doing away with laws that keep gun companies from being sued into oblivion for criminal use of their safe, legally manufactured products. Ironically, none of those anti-gun ideas affect criminals, only lawful citizens.

One problem stands out with Lightfoot’s ideas. She apparently bought into the thesis that only the federal government can take care of American citizens, not the cities and states in which they reside; that starts with supporting law enforcement and letting them address the killers and looters running loose on Chicago streets.

“We need a plan from Washington, D.C., that responds to the realities on the ground and cities like Chicago,” she recently told breitbart.com. “So, yes, we need to continue this conversation around police reform, accountability, and racial justice, but we also need to frame that in the context of in larger economic downturn and the size of it and scale of it across the country can only properly be addressed by the federal government.” 

Making the Windy City prosperous and safe again should be everyone’s main concern. Law-abiding citizens currently suffer due to the city’s strict gun control laws. Adding more gun control laws that criminals won’t adhere to doesn’t move the needle in a positive direction.

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