Concealed Carry Clothing, The Propper softshell jacket provides quick access.

Before getting to modern concealed carry clothing options, let’s offer up a scenario. A guy walked into a building with a duffel bag. The security checkpoint awaited with an X-ray machine and a magnetometer. The man cared not that security would demand to check it all. With a flick of his wrist, he threw the duffel bag on the X-ray machine’s conveyor belt and walked toward the magnetometer.

He hit the latter at the same moment his bag entered the screening part of the X-ray, and in an instant, the world turned upside down. Alarms sounded, and security personnel started to move. The man, unfazed, opened up his long trench coat, revealing an arsenal of weapons. The guns remained completely hidden prior to opening the trench coat.

Concealed Carry Clothing in Real Life

You know how the rest of the scene plays out in the first Matrix movie. The problem is that in real life, you can’t always wear a trench coat, and in warm weather, carrying a concealed weapon can be tricky. Thankfully, many manufacturers now offer concealed carry clothing options that allow individuals to artfully conceal their personal protection.

5.11 Tactical Concealed Carry Clothing

5.11 offers a wide array of clothing suited for range use or concealed carry.

5.11 Tactical built its reputation on making the ordinary extraordinary, with gear that is both practical and tactical. No matter the season, 5.11 has an option for you. For example, the Defender-Flex Pants and Jeans were developed for those looking for a low-profile look without sacrificing tactical performance. The pants are made from cotton, polyester and elastane for plenty of movement while the jeans use mechanical-stretch denim. Both styles offer five pockets and two rear hip pockets, so you have numerous options for concealing all the gear you may need for an outing.

For a dressier look, the Covert Khaki 2.0 Pants come with pockets designed for discreet carry. The side pockets conceal a flashlight or spare magazine, and the pants give the operator flexibility and freedom of movement.

5.11 Warm Weather Clothing

For hotter months, the Apex Shorts have internal cargo pouch magazine pockets and twin back-yoke magazine pockets to carry extra ammo. Inside the waistband, a flex-cuff pocket also stores other gear. A few different size options are available to fit a wide range of body types.

5.11 Cold Weather Clothing

For colder weather, 5.11 Tactical makes an array of jackets that are hard to beat. The company’s Approach Jacket has three layers of hard-shell protection. With a stowable hood and adjustable cuffs that allow you to find the best fit, plus articulated sleeves and an adjustable hem with a RAPIDraw pocket, no matter the situation, the wearer has access to their most important gear.

For the ultimate in versatility, the Valiant Duty Jacket is a modular five-in-one design with zip-off sleeves and a vest option, allowing you to adapt to your environment. Featuring the patented 5.11 Quixip system for accelerated sidearm access, a Ready Pocket on the chest for storing documents or a phone, a badge tab at the right chest and mic loops on both chest pockets, this is truly a three-season jacket built for performance. (

Propper Concealed Carry Clothing

Proper Kinetic pants remain cool for a day on the range.

Propper has become an industry leader with clothing that’s both practical and tactical for every environment. The company’s Kinetic Pants are made with NEXStretch mechanical-stretch fabric that offers unrestricted movement. The material is water repellent and specially treated to resist both dirt and moisture. The cargo pockets also feature internal dividers to help organize your carry gear, and the belt loops are extra wide for heavy-duty belts.

Propper Warm Weather Clothing

For warm weather, the Kinetic Shorts offer a slider waistband for greater flexibility with large, 1.75-inch-wide belt loops. The front pockets are ergonomically shaped and reinforced for knife carry. Also concealed within are ambidextrous mag pockets and side cargo pockets with internal dividers, so you can section off your gear for quick access.

Propper Cold Weather Clothing

For colder weather, Propper has a solution with its Covert Button-Up shirts made from polyester and nylon in a plain weave. For easy maintenance, the fabric doesn’t require ironing. The shirt allows the wearer the greatest possible range of motion, and the dual chest pockets have quick open-and-close magnetic closures and are large enough to conceal a firearm for quick access. The shirt is also designed with Prym snaps with false button fronts to enable the wearer to access their gear with speed and ease.

If the temperature dips further, or for cool summer nights, Propper’s BA Softshell Jacket can pull double duty. Per the name, it utilizes a lightweight softshell fabric. The chest pocket features a sleek magnetic closure for silent access to important gear. It also includes a hidden pull-out badge panel, which releases at a moment’s notice. Zip pockets at the biceps, wrists and lower back securely stow your gear. On the interior, a chest pocket and two internal stash pockets are available for additional gear storage, and there’s a dual-access zip pocket on the lower back for a medical kit. Clearly, Propper can dress you for success in any operational setting. (

SCOTTeVEST Concealed Carry Clothing

SCOTTeVest performance shirts offer discreet pockets for warm weather.

At SCOTTeVEST, pockets are key. In every piece of clothing the company designs, it builds in discreet pockets of every shape and size. These give the wearer the capability to carry a wide array of gear, including personal-defense weapons. SCOTTeVEST also designs both summer and winter wear, so wearers can always be ready no matter the season.

SCOTTeVEST Warm Weather Clothing

For warmer conditions, SCOTTeVEST’s Performance T-Shirt can be a good choice. With two pockets, including one along the hip that can hold a small firearm, these moisture-wicking shirts can perform well for workouts, travel and outdoor activities.

For going out, the short-sleeve Beachcomber Shirt comes cool and comfortable, with seven pockets to carry all the gear you may need, including tools for personal defense. The Hidden Cargo Shorts inlclude eight pockets, magnetically secured. It allows the wearer to conceal all of their “cargo” and be ready to respond to threats at a moment’s notice.

SCOTTeVEST Cold Weather Clothing

When the temperature drops, ScotteVest can still give you maximum concealed-carry capabilities. The TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) Shirt looks professional but can also be practical. This lightweight, breathable and quick-drying shirt features snaps instead of buttons; this allows for quick access to any gear stored in its 13 pockets. Even for an active “operation,” this shirt could conceal phones, radios and weapons with ease.

For a more formal setting, the T5 Sport Coat comes as a modern, two-button blazer made out of a polyester, rayon and spandex blend for wrinkle resistance and a sharp fit. Its 19 pockets, including a large back pocket and an RFID-blocking pocket, allow the wearer to carry almost a full-duty complement of equipment. SCOTTeVEST’s Weight Management System also helps the gear remain balanced within.

For outerwear, ScotteVest’s Revolution 2.0 and Revolution Plus 2.0 jackets have 25 and 26 pockets, respectively. Made of water- and stain-resistant polyester, both jackets give the wearer plenty of room to store gear in every kind of weather. Magnets secure the wind flap over the center front zippers, saving you the hassle and time of securing snaps. On both jackets, the hood can be removed or stowed into the collar, and the sleeves are also removable. You won’t find more versatility in outerwear. (

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