Rugged and strong, Galco EDC Belts work for training or everyday carry.

For concealed carriers, arguably no item remains more important, yet often goes unlooked, as does a good gun belt. But it takes a proper belt, one designed to handle and bear the weight of the gear you carry. To meet the demands of all-day carriers, the Galco EDC Belts carries the load.

Galco EDC Belts

A modern take on the traditional Ranger-style belt, the EDC Belt features adjustable billet strap and a quick-release “cobra-style” buckle. The belt utilizes SCUBA webbing. A hook-and-loop billet strap gives wide latitude for adjustment. The belt accommodates waist variations or handguns carried inside the waistband. It remains rigid and stable, according to Galco. The belt excels at both a day on the range or everyday wear.

Galco also offers a Cobra Tactical Belt with a quick-release cobra-style buckle. The belt utilizes Type 13 nylon webbing, featuring five independent rows of stitching for rigidity and stability. It also works well for both training and everyday wear, according to Galco.

Finally, Galco offers a Heavy Duty Instructors Belt, featuring drop-forged buckles with a Cerakote finish. These rigs handle the heavy weight of a pistol and accessories. It’s sturdy enough for training, competition, tactical use or EDC. It comes in both 1 1/2- and 1 3/4-inch widths.

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