The new Hogue Wrapter grip material adds gripping ability at an affordable price.

Hogue, known for its OverMolded line of rubber grips, just announced it latest accessory. The Wrapter Adhesive Firearm Grip increases grip and performance to semi-auto pistols.

Hogue Wrapter Adhesive Firearm Grip

The Hogue Wrapter measures incredibly thin, providing a unique solution to gripping. Rather than custom stippling or grip tape, the Wrapter comes in a soft, rubber style.

The Wrapter emulates the Hogue OverMolded design. Hogue designed each Adhesive Grip to conform to the exact contours of specific pistols. It adds minimal bulk and utilizes a multi-piece outline, providing optimal coverage. The adhesive creates a long-lasting bond, activated by heat, according to Hogue.

Hogue Wrapter Grips come custom-cut for two specific handgun lines, with multiple variants for Glock and SIG pistols. Each Wrapter retails for $14.95.

Meanwhile, a Do It Yourself solution comes as a sheet of Wrapter grip material. Simply measure and cut out to use however you like. The DIY version retails for $9.95. Glock variants include Gens 1 through 5, with and without finger grooves, and versions without a backstrap. SIG models include both full-size and compact P320 pistols.

Hogue says heavier grip options will be available soon, offering a more aggressive and abrasive grip style.

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