Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden for the most anti-gun presidential ticket in history.

“Kamala Harris has plans for your guns, but more than that, she’s willing to threaten Congress if they don’t make a law that matches her desires, immediately.” Tucker Carlson opened a segment exploring the Kamala Harris and her anti-gun history recently with that chilling statement. And the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate‘s words should serve as a stark warning for all gun owners.

Kamala Harris & Her Anti-Gun History

With Joe Biden now joined by Harris, the Democrats put forth the most overtly anti-gun presidential ticket in U.S. history. Let that sink in for a moment. The Democrats nominated the most anti-gun duo in the nearly 250-year history of the Republic.

We’ve already reported on Biden’s stance on guns. His “Plan to End the Gun Violence Epidemic” would ban the AR-15. It would remove protections for manufacturers against frivolous lawsuits. It would systematically cripple the gun industry, brick by brick.

Harris brings her own fervor against American gun ownership. She, too, wants an assault weapons ban. In fact, she’s willing to straight up take your guns away. Her plan for a “mandatory buy back,” as both Noir and Carlson point out, falls flat. It’s just smoke, really.

Think about it: You can’t buy back what never sold to me. The Constitution forbids you to seize my arms. Yet, that’s the Democratic ticket this November. A vote for Biden-Harris could potentially see ARs banned in this country. And that’s only the beginning. Harris’ anti-gun history predicts more to follow if elected.

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