The versatile Kinetic Concealment holster system now fits the Bond Arms Rowdy.

Kinetic Concealment just announced its newest holster, a fit for the Bond Arms Rowdy Derringer. The hybrid holster carries in multiple styles, delivering tremendous versatility.

Kinetic Concealment Holster System for Bond Arms Rowdy

Kinetic Concealment holsters come as a Hybrid IWB, KC Baby appendix carry holster or OWB holster. It provides a complete concealed carry package for the Bond Arms Rowdy.

The original Hybrid IWB holster and KC Baby appendix carry holster feature a patented neoprene-backed leather and Kydex combination. They use Chicago Style flat head screws. They allow easy cant adjustment. Meanwhile, the Kydex shell tightens back down after continued use.

The OWB holster utilizes a sturdy Kydex shell, mounted to a cowhide leather backing. The system proves secure, durable and fit most gun belts under 2 inches, according to Kinetic Concealment.

Bond Arms Rowdy

The Bond Arms Rowdy presents a unique concealed carry option. It comes with a 3-inch stainless steel double-barrel chambered for .45/.410. It also utilizes a stainless steel frame. The Rowdy features an automatic spent casing extractor, patented rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins and a cross-bolt safety. Spring-laded, it also comes with a cammed locking lever.

Paired with the new Kinetic Concealment system, the Rowdy presents a formidable defense option. For more information, visit

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