President Trump Will Veto Background Checks Bill, Great American Outdoors Act
(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

President Donald Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law Tuesday at the White House. The new law guarantees $9 billion directed at protecting the country’s ailing public lands and waters.

The Great American Outdoors Act delivers on the promise of sustained wildlife conservation. It also provides public land hunting and recreational shooting opportunities.

Great American Outdoors Act Benefits Sportsmen

The historic legislation, referred to many experts as the most significant conservation legislation in a generation, benefits sportsmen as well. From lands to waters, and facilities as well, all who enjoy the outdoors will benefit. The National Parks Conservation Association called the act a “conservationist’s dream.”

“For more than 50 years, Congress has struggled to adequately fund land and water conservation, leading to a never-ending backlog of maintenance and other critical needs in our parks and public lands,” Trump said at the signing. “And I’ve been hearing about this for years. I’ve been watching it and hearing about it for years.

“Earlier this year, I called on Congress to pass legislation that would end this maintenance backlog once and for all,” Trump continued. “Today we’re making the most significant investment in our parks since the administration of the legendary conservationist President Theodore Roosevelt.”

Historic Legislation Passed

“This is a proud moment for the firearm industry, which supported this legislation to see it passed into law by the Trump administration, which has kept the promise that public lands and waters belong to all of America’s sportsmen and women,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Great American Outdoors Act is bold in its scope and historic in the guarantee that public lands and waters will be accessible to America’s conservation-minded hunters and recreational target shooters. Outdoorsmen and women are the greatest stewards of our natural resources of wildlife, natural habitats and conservation-minded traditions that pass along the benefit of the preservation of public lands access for all. This law enables current and future generations of Americans to enjoy and preserve our national outdoor heritage.”

The bipartisan law also provides full support for the Land and Water Conservation fund. Additionally, it addresses a backlog of public land and water projects across the country. Those projects include habitat conservation, along with road and trail repairs. It also increases recreational access to public lands and waters.

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