The Viridian HS1 combines a hand stop with a laser aiming device.

As AR-style pistols and SBRs continue to gain popularity, so do hand stops. A new version from Viridian Techologies, dubbed the HS1, blends the functionality of a hand stop with a laser sighting device.

Viridian HS1 Laser Hand Stop Details

“The HS1 combines the functionality of an AR hand stop with the rapid target acquisition provided by a Viridian green laser,” said Brian Hedeen, President and CEO at Viridian. “The combination makes for a much more ergonomic rifle and cuts down on the attachments that add bulk to a gun’s foregrip.”

Viridian claims the new hand stop offers increased control and faster target acquisition. A highly visible green laser activates intuitively via a support-hand grip.

The HS1 also utilizes M-LOK mounts for installation. Meanwhile, the laser adjusts for both windage and elevation. A pressure pad activates the laser with a variety of support-hand grips.

With a short-barreled rifle or full-size AR-15, hand stops add functionality and hand protection to carbine users. With the addition of a laser sighting device, the HS1 becomes a weight-saving, tactical upgrade. For more information, visit

Viridian HS1 Laser Hand Stop Features

  • M-LOK Mounts
  • Pressure Pad Activation
  • Daytime-visible Green Laser
  • Ergonomic Design for Pistols and Rifles
  • Single 1/3n battery
  • Adjustable for Windage and Elevation
  • MSRP: $179

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