Our rundown of 15 of the best safe options features a wide variety of styles.

Safes, safe storage items and other lockable devices are among the most overlooked accessories when it comes to security for your firearms. Unfortunately, more than 50 percent of gun owners get very lazy when it comes to locking up their guns. Safes and safe storage devices have definitely come along way from the basic lock-and-key steel boxes of the past.

15 Best Gun Safe Options

SHOT Show 2020 proved that the safe market is evolving right alongside the firearms industry. New locking technologies, innovative market-changing products, new styles of the original locks and some very unique and clever products are taking the market by storm this year. Here are some of the best new products, and some revamped classics that impressed me.

Liberty Safe Modern Lincoln Series

The Liberty Safe Modern Lincoln series features auto on/off lighting.

Liberty Safe Modern Lincoln Series safes are bigger, stronger and tougher than ever before. You will get the same great add-ons and features as the traditional Lincoln series. But with a new logo design, the Modern Lincoln series is an excellent choice for those who want a quality safe with a sleek appearance. With its incredible security features, it is no wonder the Liberty Lincoln Safe has been consistently voted as the number one safe throughout the country.

Lincoln safes also include Liberty’s sleek 5-point handle, 12 color options, Clearview Lights and beautiful upgraded interiors. When it comes to class, the Modern Lincoln’s got it! The Liberty Safe Lincoln Series features auto on/off interior lighting on all models, for convenience in viewing your valuables. Organize valuables with Liberty’s premium door panel, plus the new, included jewelry drawer. The Lincoln security gun safe protects valuables from fire damage. With four-over-three layers of fireboard, it features an industry-leading 90-minute fire rating.

Starting MSRP: $2,949; (libertysafe.com)

American Security Vault Door

The American Security Vault Door provides a 2-inch thick barrier of steel plate and fire insulation.

The American Security Vault Door is the ultimate for safe rooms and gun vaults. The 2-inch-thick door offers a defense barrier constructed of a 0.5-inch steel plate filled with a fire insulation material that creates a barrier against extreme heat. The American Security Vault Door features UL-listed Group II locks with a massive hard plate and two relocking devices, ten 1.5-inch chrome-plated bolts, commercial-grade vault door hinges and two-stage dual fire seals, with silicone doorjamb seal and expandable Palusol seal on the door.

You can customize the door with four different color options along with three hardware color options. The door frame is 100 percent adjustable, and just slides together to fit most wall thicknesses and materials. The patented Safety Lock Release allows you to safely exit the vault room from the inside. It also allows you to close and lock the door from the inside when equipped with an electronic lock. This feature is perfect for turning your vault into a safe room.

Starting MSRP: $4,000; (amsecusa.com)

Tracker Safes FS051508-K Floor Safe

The Tracker Safes Floor Safe utilizes a 0.25-inch-thick steel plate door and 11-gauge steel body.

The new non-fire-insulated top-opening steel security floor safe is a perfect choice if you’re looking for maximum concealability in a small safe. It utilizes a 0.25-inch-thick steel plate door and an 11-gauge steel body. The door secures via two 0.75-inch bolts. Meanwhile, the body includes four 0.375-inch predrilled holes. Mounts between floor joists. Mounting holes measure 3.25 inches apart on each side, and it includes all mounting hardware. The interior features a felt carpet to help protect your valuables. The K series floor safe is perfect for cash, handguns, important documents and jewelry.

MSRP: $90; (trackersafe.com)

Vaultek MX Series—Wi-Fi Biometric

The Vaultek MX Wi-Fi smart safe stores up to eight handguns.

The all-new MX Wi-Fi-enabled smart safe from Vaultek offers the largest interior space available from Vaultek. It includes custom options that all gun owners will love. The roomy interior can store up to eight handguns. The tough, rugged 14-gauge carbon steel construction and 12-gauge front door feature a durable powdercoat finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection.

Advanced anti-theft protection—as featured on all Vaultek safes—includes anti-pry bars, dual anti-impact latches and the all-new impact detection system exclusive to the MX Series for the ultimate protection against break-ins. The Vaultek MX Wi-Fi safe provides multiple points of entry, with the smart key, rapid-on backlit keypad, biometric pad and manual keys. You have instant access to your valuables, documents and firearms with the automatic-opening front door and adjustable pull-out shelf.

Vaultek Wi-Fi connectivity provides smart safe technology. It allows you to view live safe data and even receive smart alerts for critical safe activity right from your computer or smartphone, with the available app. The LCD screen on the front of the safe provides quick visual feedback for all safe activity. The safe is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power for months on a single charge, and charges in 3.5 hours with the included Micro-USB charging kit. The modular interior features a pull-out height-adjustable shelf and includes one non-absorbent foam twin pistol rack. Customize your space and order additional accessories to store more handguns and magazines. The interior also has adjustable-brightness LED lights for a full view of your safe’s contents.

MSRP: $600; (vaulteksafe.com)

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe features an inflatable bladder that conforms to a vehicle interior's shape.

The patent-pending mounting system of the Rapid Vehicle Safe features an inflatable bladder that conforms to a vehicle interior’s shape, making modifications to the vehicle unnecessary. An included 12-volt car adapter or four AAA batteries supplies the power. The Rapid Vehicle Safe exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/pick/saw tests and high-level attack resistance. It features fast, dependable, touch-free entry with an RFID. The RFID activates by wristband, key fob or sticker to instantly open the spring-assist lid.

It also has keypad access, and you can use the barrel key for backup. The safe features heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction, and the exterior housing is built of thick, 14-gauge steel, with two internal hardened locking lugs. A security cable is provided for attaching to the seat frame. A 12-volt car adaptor, RFID wristband, two RFID stickers, RFID key fob and two circular barrel keys are also included.

MSRP: $195; (hornady.com)

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Medium Size

The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe keeps firearms or other valuables close at hand.

The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is the perfect solution to keep your firearms close and secure. This new medium-sized Under Bed Safe will fit the majority of your home-defense weapons, with room to spare. It measures 26x5x20 inches and features an electronic lock for quick and easy access. The safe also comes with a security cable to add an extra level of theft protection. The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is constructed of heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel with a pry-resistant door. It is designed to work in your home, under a bed, couch or chair. It can also be used inside your vehicle. With the SnapSafe Under Bed medium safe, your firearms will be safely locked away and ready in a time of need.

MSRP: $399; (snapsafe.com)

Rhino Metals LNS2618

The Rhino Metals LNS2618 performs as both a traditional nightstand and locking safe.

If you are looking for a new, truly functional nightstand or end table, look no further than the Rhino Metals LNS2618. This is a 150-pound beast of a nightstand that looks as tough as it really is. The nightstand is 26 inches high, 20 inches wide and 18 inches deep, with a drawer above the safe portion that is 5 inches high, 13 inches wide  and 13 inches deep. The nightstand utilizes 14-gauge steel and a thick composite door.

The safe portion of the table is 15.4 inches high, 15.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep and has a fire rating for 60 minutes at 1,400 degrees F. The safe is secured by four, 1-inch-diameter door bolts. The interior is fully upholstered, with an adjustable shelf. External hinges allow the door to open 180 degrees for better access. The external hinges allow for full-coverage fire lining in the door frame, unlike safes with internal hinge designs.

MSRP: $699; (rhinosafe.com)

American Rebel Black Smoke AR-40 Safe

The American Rebel Black Smoke AR-40 Gun Safe features pressure-formed, American-made steel and a 12-gauge body.

The American Rebel Black Smoke AR-40 Gun Safe consists entirely of pressure-formed, American-made steel, as does all the safes in the AR line. The body is 12-gauge steel, which is more than three times stronger than the 14-gauge steel used in most Chinese-built safes. The door consists of 11-gauge inner steel, more than six times stronger than competitors’ imported safes. The safe features a 75-minute fire rating, double steel door casement, four-way active bolts, and motion-sensing LED lights inside. The American Rebel brand represents American strength and rugged independence, and it shows in every one of their safes.

MSRP: $2,599; (americanrebel.com)

Lokaway Innovative Security LOKDD Gun Safe

The Lokaway LOKDD Gun Safe stores up to 25 guns.

Lokaway has provided reliable, versatile and high-quality gun safes since 2002. The company boasts an extensive range of gun safes, making it easier for everyone to find a safe to fit their individual needs. Their LOKDD Gun Safe offers durable storage spaces that can accommodate up to 25 guns collectively, due to an exclusive double-door setup. With the worldwide-patented Swing’n’Slide locking technology, you can keep your firearms secure at all times. The LOKDD has a beautiful, modern black stone finish, and is easy to operate. Lokaway has the most advanced anti-pry designs on the market.

MSRP: $920; (lokawaysafe.com)

Raptor Products Gun Mounts

Raptor Gun Mounts enable gun owners to display or keep tactical arms at the ready.

Raptor Products combines versatility, gun security and safety with display and accessibility. The Raptor Products line helps gun owners display and secure their firearms in a new and innovative way. Made in the U.S.A. from heavy-duty, high-tech polymer and stainless steel, Raptor Products mounts are designed and engineered using only the highest-quality materials to create strong, durable gun mounts. These products give you the assurance and confidence you need when storing, staging, mounting or displaying your firearms in your home, office or vehicle. Raptor offers mounting options to fit anyone’s needs. Every model comes in a locking version for added security. These locking gun mounts are a great way to display firearms, while keeping them secure but ready to go when needed.

MSRP: Starting at $90; (usaraptor.com)

TruckVault Standard 2 Drawer All-Weather Bed Vault

The TruckVault Standard 2 Drawer All-Weather truck bed storage cabinet is low-profile and waterproof.

TruckVault is an American company providing secure, in-vehicle storage systems for all of life’s demands. With agile product development, unrivaled craftsmanship and zealous customer service, TruckVault delivers value and quality that ensure trust. The Standard 2 Drawer All-Weather truck bed storage cabinet is the perfect design for anyone looking for low-profile, waterproof storage for a truck bed. Completely sealed from dust and water with a rugged exterior spray coating and compression locks, TruckVault Bed Vaults are now offered in multiple colors and finish options.

MSRP: $3,795; (truckvault.com)

Stack-On In-Wall Safe

The Stack-On In-Wall safe measures 55 inches tall and utilizes the standard 16-inch space between wall studs.

This 55-inch In-Wall Safe with electronic lock takes advantage of the unused space inside standard 16-inches-on-center walls. It is suitable for securing a wide variety of valuables, including up to two long guns, handguns, documents and other small personal items. The easy-to-use electronic lock has a large, push-button keypad that accepts a personalized three- to eight-digit code. It also includes two backup keys. The solid steel, pry-resistant door has concealed hinges and four live-action steel locking bolts. It includes four removable padded shelves. The bottom utilizes foam padding, to protect valuables from scratches. It includes a low-battery warning system and all mounting hardware.

MSRP: $300; (stack-on.com)

The Gun Box Loyal Defender 2.0

The Gun Box Loyal Defender 2.0 features an audible motion alarm.

Secure your firearm wherever you need it for immediate access. The Gun Box Loyal Defender2.0 is the ultimate accessible handgun storage solution. Engineered with an audible motion alarm that will sound if it’s moved or tampered with, the Loyal Defender 2.0 provides total peace of mind for storing your firearm. The Loyal Defender2.0 has pre-drilled mounting holes and a tether cable connection site for securing it to a heavier or fixed object, if desired. You can also add a mobile alert option to receive instant notifications, right on your smartphone, if the unit is moved or tampered with.

MSRP: $280; (thegunbox.com)

Tuffy Products F Series Security Console Safe

The Tuffy Products Ford F-Series console series provides secure in-vehicle storage.

Continuing the Tuffy legacy of designing and manufacturing the finest console inserts in the industry since 1997, Tuffy has released a new line-up of console inserts for full-sized trucks, beginning with the 2015 and newer Ford F-Series flow-through center security console insert. The center console maintains a completely stock look, including full use of the factory accessory tray, armrest and lid. The safe features a durable textured powdercoat finish and installs in just a few minutes, without drilling. You can even access the OEM USB and power outlets inside your center console with an optional adapter. The Pry-Guard locking system, with 0.125-inch-thick welded steel components, will add security to your center console without modifying the interior of your truck.

MSRP: $168; (tuffyproducts.com)

Browning Safes Black Label Mark IV—Stars and Stripes

Browning Tactical Mark IV safes feature an Axis interior to configure in virtually any pattern.

This bad boy is 100 percent American, and it shows. Built in the U.S.A., the Tactical Mark IV safes look as tough as they are. Featuring an Axis interior that can be configured to store virtually any firearm, from long guns to handguns to carbines and modern sporting rifles. A top-mounted gear loft also gives you a location to store frequently used items, such as range bags and other gear.

With a rustic flag interior back panel and a flat black exterior featuring the entire Pledge of Allegiance complete with an American flag right on the door, the Stars and Stripes edition is an absolute work of art that any patriot will be proud to show off. The Tactical Mark IV models have an external depth of only 25 inches, to keep the safe from projecting too far into your room. They claim a very impressive 100 minutes of fire protection.

MSRP: $4,299; (browning.com)

This article is from the August-September 2020 issue of Personal Defense World magazine. Grab your copy at OutdoorGroupStore.com.

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