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In a shameless display of political grandstanding, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden called for more gun control following the horrific ambush of two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies in Compton. Specifically, Biden again called to ban “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines.”

Biden Gun Control Comments Reveal Truth

The Tweet, sent less than 24 hours following the shooting, proves curious. Footage showed the lone gunman used a handgun, not a rifle or Modern Sporting Rifle of any kind, which continually face objection from gun control advocates. Certainly, no “assault rifle,” by any definition, shows up in that footage. Instead, the gunman used a handgun in his attempt to execute the two officers. And we can’t be sure the gun would even violate California’s strict magazine laws.

So what does this all mean? Biden’s Tweet stands as further proof in the lie that is the gun control argument. The Democratic hopeful pivots to party lines, to his own political agenda, rather than address any actual problems displayed in this incident.

It remains crystal clear Biden is absolutely coming for our guns. So don’t let some narrative of common sense gun control or sensible gun laws distract you. A Biden-Harris administration would ban entire classes of firearms. They would determine how many rounds you could carry. And they would forcibly take banned guns from those that don’t comply.

If that’s not enough, a Biden-Harris regime would go after the very industry itself. Gone would be the Lawful Protection in Arms Act. Instead, the administration would lay the groundwork to systematically litigate gun companies right out of business.

Regulate it. Ban it. Take it. Litigate it away. That’s the playbook from Biden and Harris. That’s what’s at stake in this 2020 election. The most anti-gun ticket in American history attempts to take control. So get out and vote.

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