With models designed for IWB, OComp-Tac releases five holsters to fit new Glock Gen 5 pistols in .40 caliber.

Comp-Tac recently released five new holster fits for Gen 5 Glock G27, G23 and G22 pistols. The Comp-tac Infidel Max, Infidel Ultra Max, Warrior, International and Blue Duty Holster Series now provide fits for the new .40-caliber variants.

Comp-Tac Glock Gen 5 Holsters

Additionally, Comp-Tac plans to expand every holster to accommodate wider bodies found on the Gen 5 platform.

Comp-Tac Gen 5 Glock Fits

“Being able to work with firearms manufacturers during the release of new weapons is a real honor for Comp-Tac,” said Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “The new Glock Gen 5 .40 caliber guns have a slightly wider frame than the previous generations and Comp-Tac has been able to design holsters to fit these new guns in a short period of time. Because of that, these new holsters will be ready for purchase before these new Glocks are even available, allowing customers to carry those firearms right away.”

The International Holster, an OWB, all-Kydex holster, features a modular mounting system. It includes a belt mount, paddle mount and drop offset piece. It placed as a top holster at IDPA Nationals for eight consecutive years, according to Comp-Tac.

The Infidel Ultra Max, an IWB, Kydex-and-leather hybrid holster works well for concealed carry. It features can adjustment holes, allowing the user to change from a reverse cant, straight drop speed cant and FBI forward cant. Its top-grain, cowhide leather backing provides comfort. Additionally, a soft, flexible material eliminates rub or pinch.

The Infidel Max Holster rise inside-the-waistband, behind the hip. It features an easy-on, easy-off single clip. The design enables users to easily take their gun on and off.

The eV2 Holster, an appendix IWB, includes the Comp-Tac Kick. It helps press the grip of the gun into the body for better concealment.

The Warrior Holster wears outside-the-waistband. The all-Kydex, pancake design works for concealed carry or general range use.

Finally, the Blue Duty Holster Series wears outside-the-waistband. The no light version accommodates a firearm with a red dot optic.

For more information, visit comp-tac.com.

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