Built to carry, the Davidson's Glock 43 stands out with remarkable engraving on both sides of the slide.

Davidson’s just announced an exclusive partnership with Altamont Company, producing a finely engraved Glock 43 pistol. The pistol features detailed vine and scroll engraving on both sides of the slide.

Davidson’s Glock 43 Features Detailed Engraving

Altamont began its metal engraving division in 2014. It focuses on deep relief engraving and embellishment. Its catalog boasts work typically absent from the gun industry, or only available from custom master engravers, according to Davidson’s. The company uses a modern approach, producing impressive special editions and stunning designs.

“Designing and producing Exclusive firearms is one of the hallmarks of Davidson’s”, said Kane Cannedy, VP of Purchasing for Davidson’s. “It also gives us the opportunity to partner with truly iconic names in the industry, such as Altamont. Their work is unparalleled and we are excited to continue this partnership going forward.”

With fine scroll engraving, the Davidson's Glock 43 becomes an instant showpiece.

The Glock 43, of course, owns a favorable position with concealed carry enthusiasts. The single-stack 9mm pistol proves highly concealable, accurate and dependable. It features a polymer frame with an aggressive grip surface.

Davidson’s Glock Master Dealers retain first choice on the exclusive Glock 43. Interested dealers should contact their Davidson’s account executive to learn more about these programs.

The engraved Glock 43 retails for $719.99. For more information, visit davidsonsinc.com.

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