The Ed Brown FX2 comes topped with the new Trijicon RMRcc.

Ed Brown just announced its latest commander-length 1911 built for the concealed carry market, the FX2. For carry optics enthusiasts, the FX2 comes topped with the new Trijicon RMRcc.

Ed Brown FX2 Details

The latest in the FX Series, the FX2 shares several features with its predecessor, including FX slide cuts. It includes American flag serrations and a recessed slide stop with serrated pin, but in a Commander Bobtail configuration. Finally, the pistol features Ed Brown’s popular Snakeskin treatment.

Along with the Trijicon RMRcc, the pistol sports a co-witness rear sight. An Ameri-glo orange front sight completes the sight picture. The pistol features Industrial stainless with black accents on the trigger and barrel bushing. G10 grips tie together a unique package.

The FX2 features FX cuts and a whole host of top-end features.

“We are proud to be teaming up with Trijicon with the launch of their new RMRcc and no better platform for it than the FX2,” said John May, Sales and Marketing Director, Ed Brown. “This pistol was built with our customer in mind, giving them the highest quality 1911 with the highest quality carry optic available. If you haven’t checked out Ed Brown in a while, it’s time to look again.”

Topped with the new smaller footprint RMRcc, the FX2 presents a unique package for carry optics fans. But make no mistake, this is a high-end gun, with prices over $4,200 to match. For more information, visit

Ed Brown FX2 Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm, 45 ACP
  • Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
  • Overall Weight: approximately 37 ounces with an unloaded magazine inserted
  • 4.25-inch Commander slide, single stack Bobtail frame
  • Snakeskin on forestrap
  • American flag serrations on both sides of slide
  • Trijicon RMRcc sight 3.25 MOA with Ed Brown designed co-witness rear sight, and Ameri-glo orange front sight (Glock type)
  • Custom options included: FX1 slide cuts, recessed slide stop with serrated pin, flush barrel with recessed crown
  • MSRP: $4,295 – $4,395

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