It takes proper training and practice to find the red dot with carry optics.

One of the hottest trends in the firearms industry remains carry optics. Seemingly every other day, another pistol, reflex sight or holster comes to market, supporting the ever-growing demand. We’ve seen FN, Smith & Wesson, and even Ed Brown launch carry-optics guns recently. But with these new platforms, comes the need for firearm-specific training. Luckily, SIG Sauer Academy just released carry optics video on how to find a red dot.

Finding the Red Dot With Carry Optics

Though it might seem elementary, it’s not. The biggest hurdle for all new carry optics shooters is actually finding the dot upon presentation. That little red dot just doesn’t come up in the same place as the front sight most shooters are used to. So proper training remains a must.

“The biggest thing that we see, is that when people are trying to find the red dot on the target, they’ll present the gun to the target, they can’t find their red dot initially, and they start to move the muzzle in circles attempting to find or index that red dot,” said Steve Gilcreast, Director, SIG Sauer Academy.

Instead, Gilcreast recommends pushing out and focusing on the target. When the red dot doesn’t appear, move the pistol’s front sight into view. That usually pulls the red dot into the shooter’s vision. Then you’re off and running.

“When looking for that red dot, presenting to the target, if you don’t immediately see it, then look for the front sight, and it should pull the red dot right into your vision,” Gilcreast said.

The switch to carry optics brings can bring some initial challenges. And for some, those challenges can seem a bit daunting at first. But with proper training and practice, you’ll be on target in no time. For more information on classes and training, please visit

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