Nightstick weapon lights add white light and a green laser to subcompact Glock pistols.

Nightstick just announced several new fits of its weapon lights for Glock pistols. The TSM-11G, a light-laser combo, now fits the Glock G42, G43, and G48 pistols.

Nightstick Weapon Lights for Glock G42, G43, G48 Pistols

Mounting to the dustcover and trigger guard, the Li-ion-powered light features a magnetically-coupled MagMate USB charging cable. It eliminates the need to replace multiple disposable coin cell batter, according to Nightstick.

The TSM-11G combines a white light and green laser to identify and target threats. Dual switches provide the shooter tactile, click actuation in momentary or constant-on use.

The TSM-11G features an LED delivering a 150-lumen bright white beam. It measures 2700 candela for 45 minutes, illuminating objects 341 feet away, according to Nightstick.

The unit weighs just 1.3 ounces. Yet the housing features a durable, impact-resistant polymer rated as IP-X4 water resistant, according to Nightstick.

“Nightstick is committed to expanding its line of weapon lights for the self-defense and concealed-carry market. This TSM-Series introduces a powerful, rechargeable family of subcompact weapon lights with green aiming lasers designed specifically for handguns without accessory rail,” said Russell Hoppe, Director of Marketing. “We created the TSM-11G to provide Glock subcompact handgun owners a small, low profile integrated weapon light for target and background identification when life depends on light.”

The TSM-11G comes with an installation Allen screwdriver, MagMate USB charging cable and combination gun lock. For more information, visit

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