The Safariland Impulse Range Kit includes foam, muffs and eyewear.

We’ve all done it: loaded up everything we need for a day on the range, only to forget an essential eye or hearing protection piece of gear. Short of leaving the ammo on the bench, few slights create as much havoc to our shooting day. Safariland presents a helpful solution with the all-in-one Impulse Range Kit.

Safariland Impulse Range Kit

The Impulse Range Kit includes Foam Impulse Hearing Protection, Ultra Compact Earmuff and HD Flex Protective Eyewear. Best of all, the convenient package only retails for around $40.

The Foam Impulse earbuds reduce sound levels by up to 38dB. They also provide 13dB of continuous sound reduction. The Impulse filter technology cuts dangerous noise levels while still allowing user to hear speech and audio, according to Safariland.

Meanwhile, the Ultra Compact Earmuffs provide 20dB of constant protection. They also work wearing over the Foam earbuds. The combination creates a protective barrier against super-loud rifles, ported guns, etc.

For the eyes, the HD Flex Protective Eyewear lenses come fog-proof and scratch-resistant. The wrap-around design offers multi-directional protection. Meanwhile, the rubber nose bride and adjustable earpieces deliver a secure fit.

“The Impulse Range Kit has quickly become one of my favorite shooting accessories. Whether I’m at an indoor or outdoor range, the two layers of hearing protection and the wrap-around eyewear keep me well protected.” Pro Shooter, Rob Leatham said. “And the filter technology in the Foam Impulse earbuds shields me from harmful sounds while allowing me to clearly hear my buddies talking to me while we’re out on the range.”

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