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About a year ago Taurus revamped the company with a move to Georgia and a few new products to add to its lineup. One of those products is a budget-friendly pistol that took the good from the G2 line; it also fixed the bad as well. The new pistol was named the G3. I think Taurus could have done a better job with the name, but I guess it does get the job done. The G3 was Taurus’s answer to the industry, featuring an enhanced grip design with a sandpaper-like stippling for comfort.

Taurus G3c Pistol Details

The G3 features a much better trigger and a safety that actually sits flush with the shoe, improved sights and good fit and finish—all for a very affordable price (MSRP comes in around $305.74). Taurus definitely aimed to please everyone with a much better-feeling and better-performing pistol than the old G2. The only issue I had with the G3 was it was a bit large for me to carry. Why do I want a budget pistol if I can’t use it for concealed carry? Well, Taurus again answered the call with the addition of the new G3c; it’s a compact, even more budget-friendly version of the G3.

Being a firearms instructor and avid concealed carrier, I am a big fan of any and all pistols designed with concealed carry in mind. The Taurus G3c’s frame is sleek, with very simple, sandpaper-like stippling. It also features thumb shelves and “gas pedals” on the frame. The thumb shelves help the shooter achieve a solid lock and faster grip. They also place the index finger in position for a straight pull on the trigger.

Integrated into the frame just above the triggerguard are what I call “gas pedals” but Taurus calls “memory pads.” These subtle recesses offer a safe place for your trigger finger when it’s not pulling the trigger, as well as a rest where your off-hand thumb can hang out. Taurus positioned the thumb shelves and the memory pads on both sides of the frame; that way both left- and right-handed shooters can enjoy them. The frame also includes an integrated Picatinny rail up front for your favorite lights and lasers.

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