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The ATF jumped back into the consciousness of American gun owners in a big way recently. After years of allowing AR-style pistols, the ATF recently inexplicably ruled the Q Honey Badger in violation of the NFA. And the impact of that decision should scare the hell out of gun owners. The shocking decision left many gun owners asking what could a Biden-Harris White House could do with the ATF.

Biden-Harris White House Would Weaponize ATF

“The Biden-Harris ticket will weaponize the ATF against retailers to close them down for even minor clerical errors in inspections,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “This a promise Senator Kamala Harris made from the campaign stage. She has vowed to turn the ATF from an agency which assists family-owned firearm retail businesses to stay within the overwhelming labyrinth of federal and state laws and regulations to one that carries a heavy hammer and will shutter federally licensed retailers for minor administrative errors.”

“I will require that for any gun dealer that breaks the law, the ATF take their license,” said Sen. Harris in a 2019 presidential town hall event.

Think again about those words, given the context of the recent Honey Badger. Here we have a gun type sold legally for years. An accessory product, the pistol stabilizing brace, made this class of firearm possible in an all-new way. The ATF looked at, then OK’d it. Now the Honey Badger reversal puts millions of gun owners in jeopardy.

A Biden-Harris White House would systematically go after gun dealers and gun owners. And Biden already pledged to tear away the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. In every way possible, this duo plans to take down the Second Amendment.

The Biden-Harris campaign promises to return the ATF to how the Obama-Biden administration used and abused the bureau. Remember “Operation Fast and Furious?” The Obama administration directed the ATF to allow illegally purchased firearms to cross into Mexico. Incredibly, guns from that operation ended up in criminal hands. One .50 caliber rifle wound up with Narco lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

We can’t allow this type of leadership in the White House. So get out vote your gun right in 2020.

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