Kimber Rapide 1911

Kimber became the latest firearm company to make a move recently, as the company completed a full relocation to Troy, Alabama. The manufacturer had its headquarters in Yonkers, N.Y., up until the recent move to a much friendlier 2A state.

Kimber Headquarters Moves to Alabama

The new Kimber headquarters includes a 225,000-square-foot facility on 80-plus acres. The move also brings industry-leading design and engineering capabilities, according to Kimber. Additionally, Kimber increases its product management and manufacturing capabilities. Kimber chose Troy after an exhaustive search, according to a company release. The location includes proximity to top-tier engineering schools. Moreover, the local community brings gun- and business-friendly support, according to Kimber.

The company has already filled hundreds of its planned Troy-based positions. However, Kimber continues to search for qualified applicants across multiple positions and business areas. Open positions include CNC technicians, machinists, quality control specialists, lean technicians, design engineers, compliance analysts, customer service representatives, materials planners, maintenance technicians, finishing operators and assembly technicians.

“Kimber is a great place to work, especially if you love firearms,” said Pedi Gega, director of assembly and product finishing. “We have two indoor gun ranges, one outdoor range, a state-of-the-art design and prototype fabrication center, and a dynamic team of professionals who pride themselves in producing firearms with unmatched attention to detail, design and performance. Every Kimber firearm is created with a unique blend of advanced precision technology and authentic human craftsmanship.”

The search to fill open positions remains ongoing. For more information on working for Kimber, visit

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