McCloskeys Republican National Convention, In what appears to be mostly a political move, the St. Louis couple have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon.

A St. Louis grand jury indicted the McCloskeys on felony charges Tuesday, according to multiple reports. The charges again Mark and Patricia McCloskey include unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. Curiously, the indictments remain sealed by judge’s order.

McCloskeys Indicted on Multiple Charges

The McCloskeys drew national attention after a viral video showed the couple draw weapons to defend themselves and their home from protestors in June. Then in July, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner quickly filed charges. The charges came despite strong Missouri Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws protecting self-defense.

In what many called a political move, the charges drew heavy criticism. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson suggested he might pardon the couple. Meanwhile, Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, told reporters President Trump “said it is absolutely absurd, what is happening to the McCloskeys,” reported CNN.

Then in August, the McCloskeys received the rare honor to speak at the Republican National Convention. Countless appearance since put the couple on Fox News, CNN and more. You would think the show of support, including from the president of the United States, would signal their legal troubles behind them.

Yet, here we remain. A professional married couple continues spending the money and time, with threat of real punishment, to clear their good name. And for what? Neither of them fired a shot. At the end of the day, the show of force might just have been the only thing that prevented violence.

“The government chooses to persecute us for doing no more than exercising our right to defend ourselves, our home, our property and our family and now we’re getting drug here time after time after time and for what?” Mark McCloskey said, reported St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We didn’t fire a shot. People were violently protesting in front of our house and screaming death threats and threats of rape and threats of arson. Nobody gets charged but we get charged.”

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