Safariland now offers a full line of hearing protection with Impulse technology.

Safariland announced the release of a full line of hearing protection featuring the company’s Impulse technology. The Safariland Impulse products come as two different in-ear models or with the Impulse Range Kit.

Safariland Impulse Hearing Protection

“My ability to communicate well when on a hot line during a class is imperative,” stated Rob Leatham, 24-time USPSA National champion. “All hearing protection is not created equal and the fact that I can hear as well as I do is a testament to the usefulness of top-quality hearing protection. That I can hear every word and every sound on the range is due to the clarity and comfort of Safariland hearing protection.”

The Impulse line centers on the patent-pending Impulse Filter Technology. The filters provide a consistent reduction of 13dB, according to Safariland. Sudden loud noises reduce by up to 38dB. The complete protection blocks damaging noise while allowing conversation and other ambient noises in. And it does so without the need for any batteries.

From single shots, to explosions, automatic rifle fire, and event artillery, Impulse products reduces noise to safe levels. Impulse Hearing Protection fits inside the ear. It can also supplement traditional over-ear hearing protection for even greater protection.

Safariland foam Impulse Hearing Protection earbuds retail for $14.99. Meanwhile, Pro Impulse Hearing Protection retails for $19.99, and the Impulse Range Kit retails for $39.99. For more information, visit

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