The OWB Belt Loop Holster works for multiple types of carry.

With millions of new shooters purchasing their first gun in 2020, quality products and accessories are a must. Keeping with growing demand, Concealment Express just announced its newest holster, the CEX OWB Belt Loop Holster. The patent-pending design enables outside-the-belt carry, perfect for open carry, concealed carry and at the range.

Concealment Express CEX OWB Belt Loop Holster

The OWB Kydex Belt Loop Holster consists of a pancake Kydex design. It works with the company’s design, incorporating signature holster features along with Slide Mounted Optics/MOS/RMR/Red Dot Compatible. The OSB Belt Loop Holster allows comfortable OWB carry in minimal, compact, ambidextrous and a lightweight package.

The belt loop design enables a compact holster design, without sacrificing durability or retention. Concealment Express thermoforms over its proprietary, precision-crafted aluminum molds. Cad designed and milled in-house, the molds delivers consistency, fit, quality, durability, lightness, comfort and uniformity, according to a company release.

Concealment Express began producing Kydex holsters and accessories in 2014. Today it offers a full range of American-made products, including IWB holsters, tuckable holsters, magazine holsters, claw kits and more. Each product comes using the company’s proprietary manufacturing process. The OWB Belt Loop Holster retails for $54.95. For more information, visit

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