For both primary and backup guns, Galco ankle holsters provide options.

With millions of people purchasing guns in 2020, with droves doing so for the first time, carry methods prove more important than ever. Gun owners need options, as carry techniques often change based on situation, weather and more. For those needing to carry discreetly, whether primary or backup gun, Galco ankle holsters provide a solid option.

Galco Ankle Holsters

The Galco Ankle Glove features premium saddle leather. It includes a reinforced thumb break, on most models, for speed of draw. Its detailed molding helps provide firearm retention. The professional-grade holster retails for $130.

The Ankle Lite builds on the Ankle Glove concept. It features Premium Center Cut Steerhide. The Ankle Lit’s reinforced thumb break retention strap combines security with speed of draw. The holster retails for $90.

The Ankle Guard features an adjustable internal retention device that secures the handguard at the trigger guard. The trench-style sight rail accommodates most iron sights. The system delivers a smooth, easy return to holster. The low cut on the front enables the use of most compact red dot sights. The holster retails for $90.

All three Galco ankle holsters feature a wide, breathable neoprene ankle cuff with hook-and-loop closure. A sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle enhances comfort. Carriers can also pick up an optional Ankle Calf Strap. For more information, visit

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