The CMP will again offer 1911 pistols to the public in 2021.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program just announced coveted M1911s will soon become available to the public. This marks the second round of CMP 1911 pistols sales in recent years.

CMP 1911 Pistol Details

We first reported on CMP offering U.S. Army 1911s in 2018. The announcement told of 8,000 Government Models in varying conditions. Of course, CMP 1911s became immediately popular. Now the second round of pistols, and CMP will accept orders Jan. 4 through March 4, 2021.

The CMP will discard any and all order received before or after the acceptance dates. CMP furthers limits orders to one per customer. Any customer who already ordered a CMP 1911 remains ineligible.

CMP will use a random number generator due to high demand. Selected winners will then select the grade of pistol they choose. Grades available include Service, Field or Rack. When CMP exhausts the allotment, it will hold remaining orders for future allotments.

CMP 1911 Pistol Grades

Service Grade: ($1,050) May exhibit minor pitting and wear on exterior surfaces and friction surfaces. Grips come complete with no cracks. Pistol remains in usable condition. It may contain commercial parts.

Field Grade: ($950) Pistol may exhibit minor rust, pitting and wear. Grips come complete with no cracks. It comes in issuable condition.

Rack Grade: ($850) These pistols exhibit rust, pitting and wear. The grips could be incomplete and exhibit cracks. They may also require minor work to return to issuable condition.

Auction Grade: Conditions will be announced at time of auction.

We don’t know when CMP will get 1911s again, so this provides a unique opportunity. For even more information, please visit

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